David Olubaji

david olubaji

frontend engineer

creating interactive, seamless experiences on the web, one line of code at a time!

David Olubaji


Fun fact:

I am a dedicated front-end engineer with a passion for blending creativity and meticulous attention to detail.

With a proven track record spanning over a decade, my expertise lies in leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Javascript, Typescript, React, and Next.js to architect visually stunning and seamlessly functional user experiences. I've honed my skills in design implementation, utilizing HTML, CSS, SCSS, Material UI, Tailwind CSS, and Styled Components to bring concepts to life.

Beyond my prowess in coding, my multifaceted skill set includes a proficiency in design; demonstrating my keen eye for aesthetics and functionality. I seamlessly integrate my development and design capabilities to create holistic and visually striking digital experiences.

My journey has taken me from the fast-paced startup scene at HOPPR AI and Okra Technologies to contributing to the success of major enterprises like Google and ITV. Each experience has enriched my ability to navigate challenges, solve complex problems, and drive innovation at scale.

Featured Projects

Online streaming platform for one of the biggest video-on-demand services in the UK.

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Official website for the Head Pastor of The LOGIC (Love of God In Christ) Church

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Corporate website for a leading design agency and tech team augmentation provider

Frontend Development

Official website and booking platform for the biggest cinema house in Nigeria

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Filmhouse Cinemas

Corporate website for a leading fintech company in Africa focused on making finance smarter with AI

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Whether it's collaborating with product, design, and engineering teams, or leading high-performing squads, I'm always ready to take on new challenges. Let's connect and explore how we can create extraordinary digital experiences together.